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  • KiraMasgrovTS

Considerations When Booking

  • Screening is an essential part of booking our experience. The information provided by you will not be kept for any reason, except in situations where you explicitly tell me to save your information to bypass screening for future sessions.
  • There are a few ways I can go about screening and gathering your information​​
    • 1) You can provide me with your contact information (name, phone number, email, work email)​ 
    • 2) You can provide me with 2 references of other Performers/providers you have seen before (include a link to provider ad/website, and phone number or email you used to book)
    • If for any reason you cannot provide this information, email me to see if there are any other options, or means of verifying you to book.
  • 1 Hour Live Cam Show - 300
    • a respite session for the busy gentlemen of the world. Having a hectic schedule can make it hard for a guy to find any temporary relief. A one hour session is the perfect booking for a man on the go.
  • 1.5 Hours Live Cam Show - 450
    • Giving us just a bit more time together is a perfect way to get to know each others needs and wants while still allowing time for an explosive experience, and a gentle departure.​
  • 2 hours Live Cam Show -  600​
    • If you're like me you like being able to really get the engine going before pulling into the race, this session gives us time to really explore our dynamic, maybe share a bourbon or glass of wine, before surrendering to the imminent passion. ​
  • Multi-hour Live Cam Show (3-6 hrs)
    • rate will be determined by duration and context of the session itself. In other words, we can discuss this based on your needs around the session.​
    • Sessions 4 or more hours require you to provide a spirit of my choice, and possibly a light snack or treat.
  • Over-night Live Cam Show  - 1400
    • all over-night sessions require you to provide me with drinks and a meal.​
    • I love being shown off and to broadcast from nice places, so this is an opportunity for us to really get immersed in our fantasy, get to know each other, and fill the night to the brim with our most ravenous desires. (aka Hedonist's delight)
    • Obviously I aim to please as well as be pleased, no kink shame, bring me your ideas. I love to be thorough and to fully deliver your ideal experience.